Music is a universal language, which inspires people and guides them through life. Music guides us through every single day as well, just as the air we need to breathe. This passion we shared with the artists that we discovered or discovered us and which completely knocked us off our feet. The artists that we are allowed to represent directly or indirectly under the name Manu´s Choice – Booking & More are our personal choice and are very precious.

Each artist or band has his own style and sound, which we want to be heard all over the world. We look forward to all booking requests and offers, please herefor use the contact form on this page.

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Few Dollars More

Few Dollars More: If Deep Purple would form today they would sound like this! During their live shows the four musicians from Norway display the fireworks and the audience catches fire. The blend of rock and blues, powerful guitar riffs and a charismatic voice already impresses on the studio album „Sunset Redemption“ from 2015. But in their live performances the guys around lead singer Odd Tandberg are even better. The stage is their native home. This music is „definitely for fans of the hard driven, blues based rock ’n‘ roll of the 1970’s“ and should be enjoyed live … more

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